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About Us

Meet the owners and the inspiration behind A Notebook Company!

At A Notebook Company, we are passionate about the power of journaling as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth. As a family-owned business, we believe that the act of journaling can bring people closer together, providing a space for shared experiences and memories. We offer a wide range of notebooks and journals to suit any style or purpose, from bullet journals for scheduling and planning to gratitude journals for daily reflection.


Zipporah "Zee" Browne


Adrian "Dre" Browne


Aiden "AA" Browne


Our Story

A Notebook Company began in 2019 as Mrs. Zipporah “Zee” Browne decided it was time to follow her heart and make a career change.  Zee has always enjoyed creating customized journals and pillows for friends and family and now wanted to share her "gifts" with the world.  She sought to combine her 3 favorite pastimes: designing handcrafted journals, creating personalized pillows and spending time with her favorite people, her husband Adrian and her disabled son, Aiden & her daughter, Ciera.

Being a mom to a child with disabilities, Zee has long recognized the limited employment and career opportunities that are available for her son and other children with similar challenges.  She wanted to build a company that would employ young adults like Aiden that would nurture & unleash their talents and creativity...thus A Notebook Company was born!

Adrian plays a pivotal role in our stationery company.  He embodies excellence in customer service, provides invaluable manpower, and infuses creativity into every aspect of our work. As the backbone of our family initiative, his dedication ensures our success and customer satisfaction. With Adrian's expertise and commitment, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional products and services.

Notebooks are tools that are used in everyday life. Whether you’re at work, in school, in your place of worship, or in your personal space of creating. Notebooks are the gateway to self discovery and imagination. With the right notebook in front of you, you can transform an idea into reality, craft a song, build wealth and so much more.

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"Dreams as vibrant as the pages you fill.  Immerse yourself in the boundless creativity of A Notebook Company's custom designs.  Every stroke, every idea, a testament that your dreams are as good as the imagination you pour into them."

Zipporah Browne

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